The studio space has been offered  part of each week as a fully functioning zendo or meditation hall since 2010. The activities of the zendo have been suspended so that Myo On may do further intensive training with the One Drop Zendo Community of Shodo Harada Roshi.  (Please go to and to - the websites for a closer look.) 


The art works and books are often made in response to Zen Koans, Haiku and other prose or poems.

The work often begins as a series of monotypes and zenga or zen paintings using sumie ink and xuan paper.


               Book for the Practice of Wu Wei


The notebook is made spontaneously without thought from the unused papers left after a series of larger art works has been completed. 


The art works and books are typically made in response to Zen Koans, Haiku and other prose or poems.


The artist zen monk Susan Myo On Linnell offers these notebooks in hopes that the freedom, spontaneity and openness of wu wei will be contagious  so that the blank pages and empty spaces in each book will prompt a collaborative, free, and harmonious response.  Please use them freely for all kinds of wandering and play.









                TEN NEW


    for Turtle Island Today

   A Study Guide for Zen in the Americas



Zen buddhism is arriving in the western hemisphere.  The classic teaching device “The Ten Oxherding Pictures”  created in the 12th century in china by Kaku-an has guided thousands upon thousands of Zen students in the East. The oxherding metaphor was first used by the Buddha.

The offering of this new set of simple cartoons is intended to distill and reduce the elements of the original guide to the deepest basics of human experience.  They are offered for the contemporary Zen practitioner on the way to a culture, race, and gender free state.  The awakened state of true love. 

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public art mosaics:

The artist worked with hundreds of school children and community organizers in Albuquerque and nearby Native American Pueblo nations to produce two very large public art mosaic works.  

earlier works:

Since the 1980's and 1990's the artist Susan Linnell's work has been exhibited in and collected by all of New Mexico's museums. Her works were also acquired by major national collections and has been exhibited at both the Chicago and Los Angeles Art Fairs.  For more detail click "history" page on menue above.

"Vegetable Nirvana Series"