"Cinnabar Field" detail
"Cinnabar Field"
"Fan Outside Frame"
"Blue Moon Double Bow"
"Vegetable Nirvana Rains"
detail "Vegetable Nirvana Rains"
"Vegetable Rains"
"Vegetable Nirvana Rains" (LG)
detail "Vegetable Nirvana Rains"
"Lotus Seed"
"Lotus Seed" detail
"This Bell"
"This Bell" detail
"Not Two / Winter Tracks"
"Not Two / Winter Tracks" detail
"Up on the High Slopes"
"Up on the High Slopes" detail
"Water No Front No Back"
"Red Blue/Not Two"
"The Trees Bow"
"The Trees Bow" detail
"Ku Cha cha cha"
"After Sengai's Cosmos"
"After Sengai's..."detail
"A Flower is Held Up"
"When It Is Sharp"
"When It Is Sharp" detail
"A Bud"

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